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In terms of functionality they are pretty much the same allowing to express most types of optimization problems. Personally, I prefer AMPL because it has intuitive and expressive syntax and it is very well documented in the book. Another important advantage of AMPL is that despite the fact that it is commercial you can avoid the vendor lock-in because there is an open source alternative – GNU MathProg ( GAMS on the other hand has a more advanced IDE than those that exist for AMPL.

You can find an example of the same transportation problem from George Dantzig formulated in AMPL and GAMS in their Wikipedia articles ( and (





Decision Tree for Optimization Software



One software for all problems – NO!


Identify your problem –> Select the solver –> Code your problem in the software which has interface with the solver you choose



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08/04/2011 at 7:39 pm

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