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Add space between the lines in multiline formulas

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In LATEX additional line space is specified as optional argument of the new line command. This is not yet possible in LYX33, therefore the whole formula must be inserted in TEX-mode. To add in our example space, the command \\[3mm] is inserted at the end of the first line.

1. select the part you’re interested, View -> View Source, copy the TeX code

2. go to .lyx, Insert -> Tex code (Ctrl+L), paste the code into the redbox, and add \\[3mm] at the end of the first line


To set the line separation for all lines in a formula, the length \jot is changed.

1. load the LATEX-package calc in LATEX-preamble with the line


2. insert the command

in TEX-mode before the formula


Written by Jingjing Wang

10/30/2011 at 7:50 pm

Posted in LyX

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